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Dr. Michael LaitmanAt the recent Convention I revealed that I cannot unite with others or cancel myself, and I am not even able to come close to anyone! So what should I do if that is my nature?

That is why there is a means called the Upper Light. This Light is contained inside the group, but it is concealed from us and we don’t see it. It is also the place where the Creator, the quality of bestowal, is found. So how can we evoke its influence on us?

If you start studying the true primary sources in the group: The Book of Zohar or Talmud Eser Sefirot, then this enables you to attract the Light and to awaken it from inside. Why? It is because when reading these books you read about inner states, and you thereby bring them closer, awaken them, and attract them to yourself.

You awaken the influence of this concealed, inner world upon yourself, and it shines for you. Gradually this corrects you, allowing you to connect with others, and then hatred, repulsion, and separation go away. You begin to understand the importance of this unity and you desire for it to come true. And suddenly, there is a certain “click” – your first connection with others.

If you imagine the levels of this unity in the form of a scale (from 0 to 125 levels) then it means that you have moved from point zero to one. And that is a foundation!

At the Convention, we felt this point of zero, the fact that we are unable to enter unity with one another. Now we have a goal in front of us – to demand the Light that Reforms with the help of the study and the right intention.

The moment you attain the first level of unity, you become “the son of the world to come” (Ben Olam HaBa). You understand and feel what this is. You start to slightly make your way around it and you already receive the first impression of the spiritual world.

After that, things will get easier. The most important thing is the first revolution! All the other levels will simply become greater and greater. Of course, the differences between them are great and colossal in might. But nothing can compare to entering the first degree. That is because when it happens you literally shift from our world to the spiritual world. And that is a fundamental breakthrough.
From the “Kabbalah For Beginners” Program on 11/17/10

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  1. Thank you, Rav!

  2. Dr. Laitman,

    I have heard that to begin something new one should begin at the beginning. Where do I begin to learn how to come closer to the spiritual world around me? There is so much information in the world today that is false and guides people in the wrong direction. I am looking for truth. Can you help me?
    Thank you for your time,

  3. Goodnight Dr. Laitman,

    Ive been studying at my center in San Francisco since October. I feel like sometimes I want to ascend through the levels but for my own egoistic goal. I feel bad about this because we’re learning about our evil inclination that reveals our true evil and i feel that even while study I can feel my ego wanting it more. How do I rise above that and study with intention to unite with others as well?

  4. Studying together is central to our advancement as a group. Revealing the pharaoh is essential in order to know which parts of us are needing of remedy. Only the Creator can remedy our corporeal issues and dilemmas, but we need to really put in the right intention during the study, especially of the Zohar. The Light will come upon our admonition guaranteed only if we come together in strong intention of bonding together and correcting our brokenness while reading the holy book.

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