Go From Being An Observer To A Participant

Dr. Michael LaitmanI constantly imagine the net of our interconnection. It disappears, but I continue to weave it in my consciousness again and again until it settles in my head, becoming part of my life.

Then I live in this persistent sensation, constantly illuminated by our unity. After that I desire not only to observe it from outside, but to step inside, so my world will become the global system of interconnection among all people. Thus, observation becomes replaced by participation; I penetrate deeper and start to experience myself inside of the friends.

Then begins the opposition from foreign thoughts, desires, and actions. I sort them and use them to see where I am still uncorrected, unconnected. They show me the qualities that lack a connection, enabling me to correct my flaws.

This gives me more strength, more feeling and reason, more details in the picture of the world, and thus I advance. The most important thing is to depict a single net to your mental vision. This is enough. The rest will come by itself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/2/10, Writings of Rabash

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