Floating In The Circles Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanDesire that works with the screen is regarded as “a line,” and without the screen “a circle.” Mutual work between the line and the circles moves the desires (souls).

A circle and a line are two different forms of behavior: A line is an individual behavior, a circle is a collective one. Circles relate to the desires as though the latter don’t have a screen. Hence, they move the desires as if in a magnetic or gravitational field, counting not the degree of correction of the Kli (vessel) itself, but the force acting in this part of the field. Therefore, circles can affect and move the desires that don’t have a screen.

Conversely, a “line” is the desires that have undergone the First Restriction (Tzimtzum Aleph); they characterize a person who has an anti-egoistic screen. And if I don’t have a screen, I am not affected by the line since I am not related to it, I don’t have any common attributes with it.

Therefore, at present we are tossed from one place to another solely by the force of the circles, which is regarded as the “environment” (Sviva). The system of relations between our souls is subordinate to these laws.

Inside the system, there are acting circles, the “circles of Tzimtzum Aleph” with the center in the points of Malchut. There are also the “circles of Tzimtzum Bet (the Second Restriction),” with the center in the points of Bina, where the desires to receive end and the desires to bestow begin.

Every part of the desire, every tiniest detail that contains both types of the desire, which belong to the Tzimtzum Aleph or Tzimtzum Bet, is affected by the circles of Tzimtzum Aleph and Tzimtzum Bet. Suppose, I have the desires that I can discern already and also those that don’t get discerned until the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun). Accordingly, they will be affected by one field and unaffected by the other.

In other words, we exist in both of these fields, the field of Tzimtzum Aleph and Tzimtzum Bet, that surround us. This common field contains all memory, the entire program, the Purpose and Thought of Creation, and all our states of existence till Gmar Tikkun. And we have to only harmonize ourselves with this field.

But how do I accomplish this if I don’t feel this field? This is the Surrounding Light, but I cannot establish a connection with the Light. Hence, I make a connection with the desire, with friends, with some part of the integral system, and I try to become similar to it according to the laws contained in the Light to the best of my ability.

Thereby, I receive greater impact of the Light. I become more sensitive to it, and, as a result, it affects me stronger. The Light itself doesn’t get stronger; it is stable. But I must sharpen my perceptions in order to feel greater effect of this field of Light. And this is how I will move in it!

The more sensitive I am to the Light, the faster I will swim in this force field, gravitating from the periphery to the center. In the center of the field, there can be simultaneously enormous darkness and huge force impact. However, due to this contrast, I arrive to the “straight” action “in the  line” sooner. In this manner, by moving “within the circles,” I reach the “line” and acquire an anti-egoistic screen.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/1/10, Beit Shaar HaKavanot

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  1. This is great! This sounds vastly familiar to masonic references to the square (line) and circle. Also, if one zooms out enough one finds a circle. If one zooms in enough one finds a line. (:

    May the disparate, diaspora-tic broken pieces reassemble, that we may let there be light between us all.

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