Convention Impressions, Part 2

Excerpts from people’s letters sharing their impressions of the Convention:

“In our life, there are two states of existence totally isolated from each other: One is the state of the convention, which begins exactly at the moment when the previous convention ends and is its continuation. The other is everything else that happens in life.

This sensation has been registered for a while, but only now everybody started talking about it, and there is a necessity to do something about it. The state of the convention is a gift we receive from Above, so should we, by exerting our own effort, transfer this state onto the other part of our life?

In order for it to stop being two isolated conditions, but to allow the intensity of the inner life we experience during the gathering to manifest during the time between the conventions, we need to work on our own, as homework, instead of later falling into self-pity….”

“Now, there is a mess in my head; it is frightening to return to daily life, where instead of material simplicity and spiritual fulfillment, everything suddenly becomes broken into multiple small but aggressive material problems, which deafen the internality. The best thing to do after the convention is to start preparing for the next one. How do you envision our further development in general?”

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One Comment

  1. “Although he occasionally receives awakening from Above, (Like we had at Convention) which momentarily revives him, but soon after he falls into the place of baseness. However, this is what causes him to come to realize that only God can help and really bring him closer. A man must always try and cleave to the Creator; namely, that all his thoughts will be about Him. That is to say, that even if he is in the worst state, from which there cannot be a greater decline, he should not leave His domain, namely, that there is another authority which prevents him from entering holiness, and which can bring benefit or harm.” (Today we felt a genuine prayer in class)

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