Convention Impressions, Part 1

I am receiving many letters where people share their impressions of the last Convention:

“The Convention was incredible, something totally new! For the first time I felt that we are truly one. In comparison to the previous conventions when I felt that I was involved in something, this time I felt we all became this something. Yet, not everything is fully clarified and discerned: What is right and how to make it right?

I didn’t feel disappointed; rather, I felt that our work wasn’t complete and the place where we got stuck was not discerned. I got to experience and realize (after your explanations) that the goal of our unity was incorrect, for the ‘Pharaoh’s sake,’ for our egoism.

It is absolutely unclear how to acquire the clue and the aiming point in order to make a correct request, although some hint seems to have been evidently provided, and it just has to be excavated from under the heap of all that we have received. And it is quite possible that we received only one clue but from different angles and for the time being we are unable to connect the points to see the whole and clearly comprehend it.”

“I would like to describe just a few things I experienced consciously. The greatest one was right after the program on the second day of the Convention: We were sitting in the hotel room way after midnight and didn’t want to leave; there was almost a physical sensation of some field between us, like the dough that glues us together and fills all the space with love. Once it has manifested, it either increases or practically disappears, yet we clearly feel that it exists and there is a chance to uncover it. This also brought up many questions about the essence of oneness and how we may merge with this field if we are totally unable to do so.”

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