Change Your Glasses

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat does it mean to reach Infinity? When I enter Infinity, I become Malchut of the World of Infinity, which means I contain everyone within myself. After all, “love your neighbor as yourself” means that all those whom I now see and feel as outsiders become essential components of my soul. My soul receives back all its parts, scattered and distanced from it, and it becomes a whole, completed soul.

Everything that seems to exist outside of me, such as still objects (imagine that you are swallowing all the stars!), are related to the still level of your egoistic desire, all plants are related to its vegetative level, and all beasts to its animate level. All of it is an imprint of your egoistic desire that is showing you all of these things as if they are located outside of you.

However, as soon as you start growing an organ, an attribute of bestowal, you start seeing them as existing within you. They are all your parts, and you feel that it is true. For the time being, however, it is difficult for you to comprehend since you live inside your ego and only inside it.

Physicists claim that even when you are watching some object from a distance, the act of observing affects what is observed. Hence, you see it not as it truly is, but as something that was averaged out from your own attributes and true reality. After all, everything you see, you perceive in relation to your own qualities. Everything depends on your sensory organs and how you decode what you have “seen.”

However, some day, after long contemplation, questions, and discernments, you suddenly will feel that everything is quite different. You will see it from a different angle, and then you will understand that this new vision is true. It is as if you put on a new pair of glasses.
From Lesson 6, World Kabbalah Convention 2010, 11/10/10

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