Be More Insolent With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion (from a woman): We have been talking about the fact that we have to ask for everything only from the Creator. But what should I do if I am shy? Or maybe I am not even worthy of asking Him for anything?

Answer: I would advise you not to ask, but to demand. And women know how to do this very well. 🙂

On a more serious tone, if we are ashamed to ask the Creator, it means we feel that we are still distant from Him, that we don’t have anything in common with Him.

Men often feel proud at first and behave like little roosters: "Why would I ask Him for anything? What should I ask Him for?" So on one hand, there is shame, and on the other – pride. Yet, both of these sensations will gradually pass. If a person becomes included in the group, it happens very quickly.

I would advise you to be more insolent. 🙂 The Creator likes it when a person says, "I deserve this. You have to help me!"
From the lesson on the article "There Is None Else Besides Him" on 11/12/10

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  1. But then, were do we put the infinite wisdom of the Creator which tell us that he knows what’s the best for us even if some times we do now know or agree about certain situations that might not seem that good for us. How can I demand help assuming that something is the best for me, if it’s really not the best for me?

    Thank you.

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