A Warm Wave Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A lot of newcomers mentioned that on the second day, they had neither the strength nor the desire to come to the Convention. However, having arrived, they felt that a warm wave of love suddenly engulfed them. What happened to them?

Answer: That was a so-called “sweetening” which occurred even though we have not yet reached a perfect state. The fact is that each line also consists of three lines. Although we have revealed only the left line, it, too, has the left, right, and middle lines within it. That’s what swept through them. In other words, the second day of the Convention saw a revelation of the right side of the left line.

Question: Many people told me that they felt something special on the third day of the Convention. They don’t know what it was, but it completely changed their inner perception of the event.

Answer: True. Although the middle line belongs to the left line and despite the fact that we have not yet attained revelation, this line still brought us a certain illumination from Above. That’s why many people felt so.

However, we shouldn’t overestimate what happened; it was, after all, a very small illumination. Together with our core group, a lot of new people also attended the Convention, so it was a bit difficult. Nevertheless, we reached a very significant change in the way we are progressing. That, by the way, was an actual entry onto “Jacob’s Ladder,” just its left side, however.

After all, we have only come to the recognition of evil, realizing that we are unable to attain spirituality in our own selfish desires, that it goes against our nature, but we do not know how to break it yet. Still, that was already a beginning, and from now on, we will be able to use completely different concepts.
From the Lesson on the Weekly Torah Portion 11/12/10

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