A Singular Act Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanMutual participation is the only action we constantly perform whether we like it or not. In our world everything is based on mutual engagement: processes of consumption, absorption, and secretion that take place in an organism, as well as various chemical reactions, attraction or rejection of objects, their behavior in a magnetic or electric field, and so forth. They are all examples of mutual participation, which are based on the actions of the spiritual vessel and the Light.

When we seek how to measure the quality of our actions, we must always evaluate the extent of our participation in others. In other words, it is by how well I can engage in the greatest number of souls: not in children or adults, and not in the actions of still, vegetative, animate, or speaking, but in the souls.

Souls are points in the hearts. Therefore, when I arrive at such an enormous Convention, a gathering of thousands of points in the hearts, which I intend to plug in to, then it becomes the most effective action for my spiritual advancement. This is the most powerful act that may ever occur in reality, in all the worlds.

From the TV Program Kabbalah for Beginners 10/27/10

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