Who Am I?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If there is none else but Him, does it mean that everything roots in Him, and everything that I see around me is also Him?

Answer: Yes, it does. And everything you are saying, thinking, and feeling right now is also Him.

Question cont.: Where is my “self” then? Who am I?

Answer: You are supposed to find this out. In other words, you are not discovering the Creator but your “self.”

Question cont.: In the end, I find out that I am also Him?

Answer: No. There is a certain point of separation that is regarded as “existence from absence” (Yesh Mi Ain). And this point is the only place where the created being exists, while everything else is the Creator. To the extent that this point desires to become similar to the Creator, it gets to know itself or it gets to know the Creator, which is ultimately the same.

Question cont.: If everything I say and think originates in Him, then what is this point that discovers that there is no one but Him?

Answer: It is the point that you are working on in order to find out what constitutes your free will. At the same time, you rise above the nature that the Creator instilled in this point. He created it as a will to receive pleasure and, furthermore, gave it the intention to feel pleasure egoistically. But when you keep trying to rise above this point, it means that you discover the Creator, His nature: to bestow and receive in order to bestow.
From Kabbalah for Beginners, “There is None Else Beside Him” 7/29/10

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