Unity Of Hearts

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the Convention how can we combine the inner attack with care for the newcomers and for the whole world?

Answer: First of all, I am not focusing on the whole world, but on the participants of the Convention. Every person who is there and whose heart is there participates in it together with us.

The Convention is the assembly of all the hearts that are ready to unite in order to attain equivalence of form with the Creator. We are creating and connecting desires in order to become similar to the Creator, to reveal Him.

All of our desires aim to unite into one in order to reach mutual bestowal. In that bestowal, we will reveal the Upper Light, the Creator, according to the law of equivalence of form.

I am thinking only of the people who are taking part in this. Even if someone participates only slightly, like a child, he is nevertheless a part of it. Meanwhile, the entire rest of the world remains outside of my field of vision.

Of course, we will disseminate information through the mass media, but I only feel those who want to be a part of this mission. The Convention is an act of inner dissemination among us. It is our interconnection, our covenant, our mutual guarantee, the reception of the Torah. We aren’t holding it in order to say something to the world. Our actions are directed inwards and we don’t dissipate by paying attention to the externality.

At the Convention we are facing our common task just as if we were standing around Mount Sinai. That task is unity. A “tribe of slaves” comes out of Egypt and they run away in the darkness, not knowing or understanding anything. They don’t even know where to run. Instead of honor, there’s an escape; instead of confidence, there’s fear and helplessness. Yet this sensation is correct and good.

After that they come to Mount Sinai, the revelation of hatred, and make a decision to attack, to step out against it because they don’t have any other way to go. Every person has no way out; he has to decide here and now, and desire for it to happen. Every person has to want it with everything he has. How will it come true? That’s not my problem. The Creator will complete what I started, but I have to demand it.

Even if I don’t agree to it at the bottom of my heart, even if I am scared, I still scream like a child as if I really can’t survive without the mutual guarantee.
From the lesson on 10/22/10, Writings of Rabash

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