Unclogging Spiritual Arteries

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I give guarantee to the group? What do I need to care for?

Answer: You care for the friends, eager to give them a feeling of confidence. In all of reality there isn’t any lack except for our desire aimed at the mutual interconnectedness.

The Light is willing to fill all of us, but we stand in its way. I don’t think about you; I even hate you, thereby blocking the channel through which the Light has to come to you. It turns out that your problems exist because of me and alike: I don’t allow infinite abundance to reach you.

This, in fact, is the broken system. The Creator created the World of Infinity, all souls, and the channels between them and entrusted us with these channels. But I, with my hatred, block all the channels for everybody. And so does each of us.

Now, the Kabbalists say, the time has come when we must, together, open the channels to the flow of the Light. Thanks to the collective effort, the Light will start spouting in them again, and everyone will realize that he doesn’t feel any lack. This is the law of the closed system of nature. And we, in our world, feel its negative effect more and more.

There is no choice: The channels connecting us were blocked from Above, and we must break through these plugs with the individual effort. After all, these channels represent our egoism, despite which I wish to expand the plugged-off channel. By exerting effort, I draw the Light and allow it to work, flow in the channels in a thin stream, and revive the entire system.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/10, “The Arvut”

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