To Draw Away In Order To Draw Close

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Кabbalists speak of the steps of spiritual ascension. At which step do we become independent masters of our destiny? When does the Creator hand us the reigns?

Answer: Climbing the spiritual ladder is a gradual process. It is the same in our life: With each year, children become more independent; they learn to walk, feed themselves, dress, attend school, shop, go to work, get married, and give birth, all of which characterizes a mature person.

Rabash once gave me the following example. Children are playing outside, and one of them suddenly has to leave. “Where are you going?” the others ask. He replies: “I’m going home, to get a snack.” At home, he opens the refrigerator, doesn’t see what he wants, and starts complaining to the mother: “Why didn’t you buy what I asked you to?” He feels that he “belongs” to the parents; hence, he expresses his dependence instead of independence.

But it takes several years, and later the young man visits the neighborhood. “How are you? Where are you going?” ask his friends. “My wife and I are visiting our parents who invited us for dinner tonight.” This is maturity: The person doesn’t feel like a master, yet at the same time, he is independent.

Thus, to be independent of the Creator, two factors need to be met: the ability to act independently and detachment. On one hand, you are constantly drawing away, but on the other, you become equivalent, close to Him.

To Withdraw In Order To Draw Closer Together [22351]
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/1/10, Shamati #38

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