The Pendulum Of The Upper Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the Light builds desires (Kelim, vessels), then why do we remain in the same state of Infinity and only uncover it?

Answer: In the process of expanding and descending from Above downward, the Light created all of the states of descent (the spiritual “rungs”) in such a fashion that the development or ascent is determined by the impact of the corresponding “rung” or spiritual degree on us, and not by the impact of the Light. The Light does perform actions, but solely if it is forced to do so.

Herein lies the entire essence of the construction of the system of the Upper Worlds. The system was broken into parts in order to place obstacles on the path of the Light’s influence upon the desires so that specifically the need from the side of the desire would open the passage for the Light’s action.

In the initial state, you and I reside in Infinity, but we don’t perceive each other since we are in different properties. The descent to this world is constructed from this condition so as to allow man to return to the Upper World on his own. In fact, the whole purpose of descending from Above downward lies in man’s independent ascent from below upward.

A person doesn’t perform an act on his own, but evokes it by forming a desire for it. As soon as the desire to rise higher is formed, it triggers an ascent to the next rung.

Thereby, a person discloses the previously concealed degrees. He seeks the forms of the will to bestow (the forms of bestowal to the Creator), and if the acquired form matches a higher spiritual degree, he evokes the forces of correction and ascends according to the principle: “Make your desire equivalent to His so that He may act as you desire.” Then, Zivug (spiritual coupling) occurs.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/1/10, “Within My Flesh Shall I See God”

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