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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we practically use a “prayer of the many” at the convention? Which thought and what kind of attitude toward others should I hold during the course of the convention?

Answer: 7,000 people will arrive at the convention. This is an enormous force! If these people begin to connect even slightly (certainly, to the extent of their individual abilities since there are “big” and “small,” experienced and beginners, among them), if they simply want to be part of this process, this is enough. This is because in spirituality, the quality of the force is more important than its quantity. When there is one guide who knows the way, everyone else follows him, and he brings everyone to the goal.

We already have a large and experienced group that has been studying for 15 years. These people know and understand what needs to be done. And even if another several thousand new students will join, this does not matter because the spirit comes from the top of the pyramid. This is why everyone joins one direction and “many” become “one,” “like one man with one heart.” We know that this is exactly what happens based on our experience at previous conventions.

During the convention, everyone experiences different inner sensations: Sometimes you want to escape, at other times return. This testifies to the strength of the inner work, the intensity of the corrections and analyses that come to the person. Over the period of these three days one attains results that he is unable to attain over the course of a year. For this reason it is very beneficial to be at the convention.

Every day I give three lectures at the convention, besides there are gatherings of friends, seminars, cultural evenings, meals, and other events. All of these measures are directed towards the creation of one from many since we must become one whole in order to reveal the Creator. From this we understand what the condition of “love thy neighbor as thyself” means.

We will necessarily achieve something by acting in this direction. We cannot reach the infinite connection, but its 1/125th part, the smallest spiritual level, is quite attainable. And then we will feel that there is a small Light between us which gives the sensation of a spiritual life. In this sensation we exist above the body and perceive a different field, a different dimension in comparison to our physical senses.

All of this is attained through the connection between us, the prayer of the many. The “prayer of the many” means that I ask for the ability to bestow to many people in order to only feel the Creator in this ability.

Question: During which part of the convention can we expect this sensation?

Answer: This depends on the preparation for the convention. If we prepare properly, if we know the materials and the lecture topics, learn the songs, take part in writing the questions, and answer them, then nothing will prevent us from experiencing the mutual connection and the Upper Force that unites us towards the end of the first day.
From Kabbalah for Beginners, “Prayer of the Many” 10/11/10

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