Rising Above All Of Your Possessions

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the entire diversity of my perception I have to discern only the most important element: unity. I check myself regarding my friends in the group only to the extent that I see in them the benefit or harm to our unity. So far, I do not take anything else into consideration. I evaluate my friends “within reason” and “above reason.”

This means that I do not cancel my logic; instead, I use it to view myself through the prism of my own opinion (desire, vessels) and see how high I need to raise the group in my own eyes in order to give my friends a positive assessment. However, I know that my logic is egoistic, and it always registers my friends as “debtors.” This is why I rise above it to view my friends as “absolutely righteous.”

Is it true or is it false? There is no true or false; everything depends on my judgment. When I use my logic to judge, then naturally, there is nobody righteous in the world, but myself. I only justify myself and those who are dear to me. However, when I go above reason, I feel that all my friends are righteous, that they have attained the final correction, and I am the only sinner among them.

What does this game give me? After all, neither of the options is true, both are conventional. However, this game gives me the opportunity to constantly be in two states: above reason and within reason (above egoism and in egoism). So I practice until I gain experience and start desiring to reach the true assessment. Then, I will be ready to see the truth.

The more effort I put into it, the quicker my desires (opinions) become prepared by this process for the spiritual world. I will not be perceiving it above reason. On the contrary, I will acquire it in my new Kelim, within reason. Then, time after time, I will keep going above previously acquired reason. After all, every consequent degree is greater than the previous one according to its strength of bestowal and for this reason, it is opposite to the previous degree.

Man always needs to rise above his possessions. It would seem like everything is well and right, there are delicious treats on the table, and life is such a blessing. But not this time. I need to despise this blessing in order to rise to a higher degree of bestowal, which I see as darkness. Every time, I go above reason, above the current facts, and I acquire the property of Bina which is always opposite to them.

Bina rules over Malchut on the new degree, but then, in the Upper Light, I see how power goes over to Malchut. So, I prepare myself for the next degree, and the process repeats itself.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/10, “The Matter of Above Reason”

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