Questions About Punishment And Pride

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There seems to be a paradox: It is written that “There is none else besides Him,” which means that the Creator is the source of everything. But then how do I treat a person who is trying to hurt me?

Answer: It is also written: “The Creator sends you good through good people and punishes you through the bad.” Hence, those who commit evil acts should be punished not because they have done something bad but because they have deserved to become the conduit through which the Creator has channeled evil into our world. It turns out that punishment is not really punishment, but the correction of the person and the world.

Question: In one of the interviews you told  a journalist that you didn’t consider yourself a professor and are indifferent to what others say about you. Why did you do so? Ultimately, it casts a shadow on Kabbalah circulation.

Answer: Criticism is very healthy because it is a preventive remedy against pride. It is also written: “The Creator pressures a person whom He favors.” Moreover, He sends wreckers and accusers against that person in order to help him defeat his pride and egoism. Besides, as in the actions against Klipot such as “Maim Achronim,” “Seir le Azazel,” and others, there is an obligation to throw the “bones to the dogs.” True dissemination will benefit from it even more.

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