Pushing The World Toward Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Don’t you think that we need much wider dissemination of Kabbalah without mentioning its name, but rather explaining its ideas, the causes of the current crisis, and the necessity to unite in our world?

Answer: I totally agree with what you just said about the necessity of being more open in our external dissemination. I agree that special programs with the intent of spreading this wisdom more broadly are essential. We also have to prepare professionals in this field.

However, before acting, we have to conduct research in order not to drown in the sea of similar slogans and mottos urging “unity” that are already being spread by other people that know how to use “beautiful words.” There are so many organizations out there. The Internet is crowded with them, but no one listens to them. Why?

The reason is that nature is just a desire to receive pleasure and delight selfishly. A person can “hear” only within the radius of his own desires, but he cannot go beyond them. This is how creation was built. Screaming is useless here.

Rabash once said that while desire is not sold in the drug store, we can only address those who are “sick.” We all are indifferent to everything except ourselves. We cannot blame people for that. So what options do we have?

We can only do the following:

1. Disseminate our ideas and bring together those who already have “a point in the heart.”

2. Disseminate our ideas a little wider than only to those who already have “a point in the heart,” also to the people who are very close to getting it.

3. We know that, so far, humanity doesn’t want to acknowledge the global crisis and tries to hide it. The only thing that is impossible to cover up (and that is being felt by each of us) is the predicament in the upbringing (not education!) of our children and the critical situation at schools, in families, and in our personal lives.

If we can manage to demonstrate to others that we are able to bring up the young generation to be physically and psychologically healthy, ethical, and aware of the purpose of their existence to its very width and depth, we would definitely attract everybody’s attention. Thus, through such upbringing (a collective one, through the attraction of Ohr Makif, the Surrounding Light) we would enlighten children instead of adults, that is, we would form a new generation that will replace their parents several years from now.

We have to set up a chain of schools all over the world. We have to use the Internet to create an open school for everybody; virtual space should become a platform for upbringing and education, the creation of interest groups, communication networks, and whatever else is popular among youngsters. We have to raise them from the material plane to virtual space and then to spirituality.

For that, we have to launch a virtual school. Even if we happen to attract only our friends’ children worldwide, it still will bring in hundreds of thousands of kids that will achieve good results and that later on will become active and educated participants of our movement. As a child matures physically, he will grow spiritually as well.

We can implement the third item in practice and thereby push the world towards correction, as it is said in The Bible: “Return the hearts of fathers to their sons, and the hearts of their sons back to their fathers.”
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