Practical Realization

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are fed up with what we call “preparation for preparation.” The time has come for true, practical preparation to enter the spiritual world.

All the texts have been thoroughly, repeatedly studied. The books have been published. Conventions are gathering one after the other. No matter what the group does, if it doesn’t begin the practical realization, we will begin to descend. Without an authentic, inner action, we will only be making cosmetic modifications which will backfire on us.

We are no longer alone. We have gained many “children,” groups in Israel and around the world. We must feel responsibility for them, and we have to attract the Upper Force in order to correctly take care of them, to set an example for the whole of mankind by demonstrating what its spiritual center is.

All of this can be achieved solely by means of the force of mutual guarantee between us if we make the decision, “We shall do, and we shall hear.” We need to realize unity, and, as a result, the Upper Force will manifest in it.

The next level seems too exalted and too distant to us, but, in truth, it is even more exalted and more distant than we imagine. It is opposite to our nature. However, we have to accept its condition and, with all our might, try to accomplish it with one unified powerful attack.

Therefore, now, we are preparing ourselves so that we may accomplish this at the congress. There will be neither allowances nor indulgence for this. After all, we have delegated the responsibility for the multitude of groups. You don’t yet see and feel what a serious, actual, ideological, and loud issue this is. We have plowed the soil, and now our seeds are growing deep, powerful roots. So, let’s do what needs to be done.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/10, “The Arvut”

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  1. And what is it that needs to be done? We Shall Do and WE shall Hear! What is it that WE shall Do in practical terms and otherwise, what exactly do we lack and how can WE go about doing it. The Urgency of the matter is quite acute and intense and I believe that if WE can somehow be shown or given what to do WE will do it. There is no matter that can be more urgent and needed than us actualizing what WE’ve been studying all these years. How can WE help you lead us in? Thank you.

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