Our State Today And Tomorrow

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How would you describe our current state before the November congress?

Answer: I think that we are in a state of preparation for a jump; we need to join forces, demand of ourselves, and prepare and connect under pressure. If we prepare well, we will experience an inner revelation at the congress.

Even if the new students do not feel an actual revelation, at least they will experience a sensation. They will understand the essence of Kabbalah, the need to unite; illusions will fade, confusions will disappear, and everything will become one whole, one common picture; the only operating Force will become manifested, and all the “decorations” will only remain as connections between us.

This is because the world is an illusion, concealment, and I see different images in the place where I am not connected with the Creator.
From the Talk On Unity in the Group 9/24/10

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