My Desire, Your Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanI stand on one side of the spiritual ladder, and the Creator on the other. Every time I ascend to a new rung, I get to see to what extent He and I are alike. I, on my part, bring the vessel (desire), and the Light comes from the Creator. This is how the connection between us takes place.

I experience all its components: myself, Him, and our oneness, as it is written, “Israel, the Torah (the method of correction), and the Creator are one.” On one hand, it is one whole, but on the other, it still consists of three parts between which there is differentiation.

It exists due to the fact that in each spiritual Partzuf, there still remain empty desires in which I perceive myself, a “guest,” and Him, the Host who desires to fill these empty vessels. In other words, there are still limitations between us.

A person who has reached even the first spiritual sensation sees that all of us are one with the Creator and fulfill His wish; nobody can go against the Creator. However, we are not talking about the picture that comes from the side of the Upper One and reveals itself to us, but rather about a person’s desire to connect to it and start acting. For the time being, we are being shown how unready we are to merge and unify.

Everyone carries out the actions of the Creator, but does so without awareness, without one’s own desire, decision, or request. He simply acts thanks to the force of the Light that governs him and defines everything for him.

Restrictions and concealments (the worlds) are our step by step discovery to what extent we are dissimilar to the Creator in His wish and action. This disparity is revealed only to the people who are able to correct it and attain equivalence.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/27/10, “600,000 Souls”

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