Living In Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator sends us troubles, problems, and all kinds of unpleasant things, while we have to discern the good intention and fatherly love they contain. The Creator is good and does good to the good and the bad.

He does not divide us into good and bad since He created us this way. However, each of us perceives the Creator’s treatment of us (his life) in his own way. No matter what happens to us in life, we have to build an attitude to Him in response, “Everything comes from Him who is Good and does good,” and everything comes from “There is none else besides Him.” A person has to ascend above the sensation of “bitter and sweet” to the assessment of “true and false.”

The truth is that everything, including sweet and bitter, comes from the single Force and it’s all for my own good, for the sake of truth. Sweet and bitter sensations are given to me in order for me to aim toward the truth above the bitterness.

That is how we learn to aspire to the Upper Force, to understand it, to feel it inside our own qualities and to feel how it relates to us, what it brings us, and what it wants from us. The answer is that it wants us to have faith above reason, loyalty, and bestowal above any kind of reception and above all sensations. At the end of the day it demands that we ascend above the sensation of “bitter and sweet” to the intention of “true and false.”

Then we recognize this Force and start to understand its goal: It wants us to relate to everything in reality according to our intention alone, instead of our sensation. That is how we reveal a new sense – the Reflected Light, Hassadim, faith above reason. In this sense we start to discern the Creator, who sends us all the feelings and situations, while we have to ascend above them by building our attitude to Him above all the sensations.

It becomes clear to us that all our work is done above egoism, above the sensations that the Creator creates in our egoistic desire. All of this is necessary only in order for us to develop our intention of bestowal, “truth,” more and more. We will live in this intention and will feel pleasure inside it as we aspire toward everything away from ourselves, toward bestowal to the neighbor and the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/14/10, “And Jacob Sat at the Land Where His Father Dwelled”

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