Intention At The Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What intention will help me reach “the prayer of the many” at the upcoming convention?

Answer: Our convention is dedicated to the revelation of the connections of love between us, as it is said: “Israel are friends to one another.” Isra-El means “straight to the Creator.” Any person in the world is referred to as “Israel” when he intends to reveal the Creator.

It is clear that “the Israel prayer” is always “the prayer of the many,” and the intention is to attain the mutual guarantee, as it is written: “We shall do, and we shall hear.” In other words, we will establish a connection between us and reveal the Creator within it; we will reach adhesion and similarity of properties with the force of bestowal.

Just like all our work, the upcoming convention is designed to explain to the people the work that they need to do. The exile is over. We have returned to the Land of Israel, and we need to rise to the level of Israel, straight to the Creator.

This is why nature constantly pressures us so that we would discover the connection between us and then explain the purpose of creation to the nations of the world. This is what it means “to be the light for the nations,” meaning to help all of mankind reveal the universal connection and rise to the spiritual level.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that the time of existence of our world is 6,000 years beginning with the first correction until the end of it. Today the year is 5,771, and we must complete all the corrections in the time period that remains until the year 6,000.

From the  Kabbalah For Beginners, “Prayer Of The Many,” 10/11/10

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