Have Women Crossed The Machsom?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can women cross the Machsom (the barrier separating us from spirituality)?

Answer: Undoubtedly! In our history, there have been many women who existed in the spiritual world. Our foremothers, prophetesses, were among us until the latest generations, and we hope that in our generation this tradition will be restored.

Question: Were these prophetesses Kabbalists?

Answer: A prophet is anyone who speaks with the Creator, and the Creator is revealed with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Without being a Kabbalist, it is impossible to become a prophet and attain the level of the forefathers.

All the women that you read about in the Torah were spiritually enlightened and felt the Creator. For instance, take Batya whose name means “the Creator’s daughter” (Bet, Yod, Hey): On one hand, she was the daughter of the Pharaoh, and on the other, she raised Moshe (Moses). Where did the righteous women that raised men like Moses come from?

No matter how much we think that the world is run by men, history develops thanks to women. We study in the science of Kabbalah that the connection between the spiritual degrees, the previous and subsequent states, is accomplished through Nukva, the Malchut of each Partzuf, each rung. Therefore, the female part always gives birth to a more advanced state, and the connection is passed on from one female part to the other through the male part. It is opposite to what takes place in our world.

Question: How do women cross the Machsom? Is it like men do or in some other way? Men unify in the group, in love of friends, but women are not subject to that.

Answer: Women receive the mutual guarantee that is attained by the men as well as the force of the screen. Their unification cannot be the same as the men’s since every woman acts individually. They have a different form of unification: through the men.

It turns out that the male part cannot achieve connection between the spiritual levels without the female part while the latter cannot unify without the men’s help. Therefore, the Creator resides specifically between the male and female parts. Otherwise, we cannot reveal Him.

Moses led 600,000 men out of Egypt that were 20 to 60 years of age, and the rest were the elders, women, and children whose number was five times greater than that of men, and without whom it would have been impossible to advance. Hence, Kabbalah leads to the correction of the family unit, and it is namely a woman for whom Kabbalah guarantees a good future.
From the Kabbalah for Beginners, “Men and Women,” 10/14/10

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  1. Can anyone study Kabbalah and achieve the various degrees of enlightenment or do they have to convert to Judaism?

  2. Everyone has a female (woman) and masculine (man) principle within themselves.

    A man might be more “in touch” with the feminine side, just like a woman might be “in touch” with her masculine side.

    Will you speak of this?

    What does it mean for homosexual couples?

    thank you…

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