Go Ahead, Ask For A Bicycle!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen reading The Zohar, every person can ask for whatever he wants. The most important thing is to get used to asking. Even if I want a bicycle like a small child, I can ask for it while reading The Zohar. May we wish to reveal the spiritual world in the same way!

Question: How should we use the period of preparation for the Convention to desire to attain bestowal as much as a child wants a bicycle?

Answer: You have to participate in the preparations for the Convention together with everyone. A person is a result of society’s influence. Spirituality is something we don’t desire naturally, and if we want to attain it, then the way to expand the only spark of spiritual desire we have is through external stimuli. That’s because we are impressed by whatever the society is impressed with.

We have a spark of spirituality inside us, and society outside. Our work and free choice lie only in our ability to unite our spark with the society. This is called choosing the environment.

Everything depends on how much a person desires to be connected with the environment. Does he turn on our Kabbalah TV channel or Internet, does he desire to be together with us while trying not to criticize, to see only the good in order to be impressed as much as possible? His future depends on this, and by doing these things he awakens himself and becomes more sensitive.

Obviously, some things seem stupid to him, but he has to understand that they contain a very strange and special awakening which comes from spiritual qualities of bestowal. When a person discerns this state well, he understands that he has to ascend above his knowledge and acquire the society’s opinion. He has to merge with that opinion, with the importance of bestowal and the Upper Force even though it seems strange due to being opposite to our qualities. That is also why it is concealed. In order to attain that Force, we have to acquire the same qualities and the way to do so is by advancing step by step.

Therefore, one’s only freedom of choice lies in the environment. A person must check himself more and more to see how he perceives the society: Why does he perceive it precisely the way he does and why is he made to perceive it in this form? In addition, he must thank the Creator for giving him this ability to criticize and to see himself from aside so he can tell that he has now delved into criticism.

That is how he can reach faith above reason, the right perception, and the realization that he has no choice, enabling him to agree to all this “nonsense.” He has to make this decision by faith above reason, yet it has to be a sound decision and he has to know why he is making it. He has to be sure that he has taken everything into account.

We think that faith above knowledge does not entail knowledge. However, it in fact entails knowledge and contemplation.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/13/10, The Zohar

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