Don’t Ask For The Death To The Wicked

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I remain directed at the goal if I have some physical problem that constantly demands my attention?

Answer: There are different cases. Every person sometimes has bodily or emotional problems, concerns, or fears. The Creator addresses a person and sends him the entirety of these problems in order to awaken him.

It’s irrelevant what situation a person is in. He receives this whole state in its totality from the Creator, and he should relate to Him from this state. One also needs to understand that if he has health problems, he should see a doctor; if he has problems with his income, he needs to look for a job, and so on.

However, as a whole, if the problems become resolved, this is only because he needs to be in a different state in order to advance. Each state is the correct state for further advancement. Yet, one should relate to it by correcting it as one whole on both the corporeal and the spiritual levels.

It is forbidden for us to separate the world into two parts, such as “this is for me, and this is for the Creator."  There is no such thing as, "Now, I’ll work on my business and engage in my corporeal affairs. Then, I will turn to Him, make a donation, and, thank God, I am clean now.” If we are talking about correcting the intentions, then there is not a single minute that is free. We need to raise an appeal to the Creator in all the states and situations that we are in with whatever problems they pose.

This appeal should not be about the physical, family, or some other problem. It should always be about the most elevated goal since it undoubtedly will include lower and lower levels of concerns, fears, illnesses, and misfortunes.

All together, as a whole, they are called “suffering” and are meant to attune a person to the right direction. If there should be an opportunity to take some suffering away from him (such as fears concerning money, health, or family), he would sway from the path. He would not proceed as the Creator is directing him.

Therefore, it is forbidden for us to directly interfere with this process. We should help a person deal with these problems, but he himself needs to know that such is the path. Everything is sent by the Creator who is “good and does good,” and “There is none else besides Him.” One needs to accept all the states and overcome them correctly: through all the possible means on the corporeal and the spiritual levels and with the help of the group.

However, as it is written, it is forbidden to ask for “my wicked” to die. We should only ask for them to return to the Creator. In other words, we need to correct every state using the seemingly negative obstacles correctly since they are the most useful for our spiritual progress.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/10, The Zohar

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