Coming Out Of The Bottle

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe approaching Convention is a unity event. We want to create a unity so great that in it we will reveal the Upper World. That means that by the force of our common consolidation we will ascend above the personal egoism of every person.

Every person should feel that this ascent holds a new sensation of a new world, a breakthrough into a new dimension where we exist in bestowal instead of reception, as we do here.

The second half of reality lives by the law of bestowal, unlike the reality of our world, which exists by the law of reception. By uniting with each other we want every person to receive great forces from the group which will enable him to climb out of the “bottleneck” and, at least slightly, to feel the world that lives by the principles of bestowal.

Even though we might fall back, nevertheless with time these “exits” will become more frequent. A person will start getting used to being between two worlds and will understand what is happening to him, until his efforts end up being successful and he will become a “permanent resident” of the spiritual world.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/31/10, “The Need for Love of Friends”

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