Bathed With Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the convention, a person goes through various states; he experiences mood swings, all kinds of thoughts pass though his mind, some of them "in favor," some of them "against." But we will try to explain to beginners that all of that is inner work which develops us very quickly. These discernments save us years of life with needless suffering.

What you go through in three days of the convention is more than all what you experience throughout your entire life, and all of it is preparation of your inner, spiritual vessel by the power of the Light drawn by such a huge mass of people. It is because the Creator is present "within the nation." Unity contains the Light and that Light acts upon us!

Some understand this more, others less, yet everybody is influenced by the Light according to his or her level. There is no risk in it. A person scrutinizes his states, and it’s very beneficial. We will discuss it there.

You can invite anyone. A person will feel absolutely free at the convention. He will always have an opportunity to go outside, sit down, have a chat with others (there will be stands with tea, coffee, and cookies), and then return to the convention hall or even go home and return the next day.

A person has come in touch with his inner work, and it leaves a mark in him. You can’t put any pressure on him; just give him a chance to come in touch with the Light, with spirituality.

Don’t be afraid; a calculation is made from Above concerning everybody as far as how much force one needs to receive from that human mass in order to advance him. It can’t have any adverse effects.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/10, "The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence"

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