Assemble Unity Within

Dr. Michael LaitmanI exist in the midst of the force of Light and the force of darkness. In other words, I am between the force of the desire to bestow and the force of the desire to receive. I was given them to correctly unify them. The correct unification of these forces is called the “soul” or “Adam.” I assemble him primarily by utilizing the right line, the line of the Light.

With this force, I turn to the broken egoistic desire that is opposite to the spiritual reality and give it the form of the Light. Hence, desire has to always remain restricted and neutralized: I am not using it with the purpose to receive. It is not mine; it is not I, but something totally alien to me. I rise above it with the power of Light. And then, to the extent of my understanding of bestowal, I give the desire its form.

Only the environment can help me with this. It will constantly guard me from the tricks and temptations of the will to receive that I am working with. The environment will hold me above them by any means possible.

To remain above my desire means to be in the desire of the environment and to be subject to its influence. Identifying myself with the friends and aspiring toward unity and love, I correct the distortion in my perception and anticipate that which seems to be outside of me, thereby beginning to perceive the entire reality within.

Here, every detail and rule exists solely to bring us closer to the correct perception of reality. While connecting together internality and externality, I annul my ego and bring the other person in. That is when the common corrected desire emerges, and I feel the Creator in it.

For as long as I am separated from another, the Creator is concealed; after all, He dwells in our oneness. The final correction will show me that I am the entire reality and the Creator is in it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/10, “What to Look for in the Assembly of Friends”

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