Are There Strangers Among Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The convention will host people from more than 50 countries whom I will be seeing for the first time. How can I pray for somebody who’s a stranger to me?

Answer: I don’t differentiate between friends and strangers: I see only their spiritual points. Every one of them has an egoistic desire and also a point in the heart which wishes to break through and reach the Upper world.

In outward appearance a person may be white, black, red,or yellow, but what difference does it make to me? All I care about is the point in his heart for that is what is called a soul! Whereas the body with its five senses pertains to the animate level. You can transplant its organs, remove its parts, and replace them with artificial ones, and none of this would affect the soul. The soul is what is important because we unify on the level of souls.

The point in the heart is independent of a person’s appearance. We’ll be receiving guests from all over the world: black from Africa, red from South America, white from Europe, and yellow from China. But we know that their skin color does not affect their points in the heart. Our differences extend to our corporeal qualities and mentalities, but not to spirituality.

So why should unifying with everybody be difficult? We will come together and unite, reveal the Creator between us, and the prayer of the many will elevate us to spirituality!
From the Kabbalah For Beginners, “Prayer Of The Many,” 10/11/10

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