A School For The Benefit Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanLately, people have been sending in many questions about our education system. We are creating a new educational system, and we must use it for the sake of bestowal, for dissemination purposes. This will pave the path to its successful development, support, and acknowledgement. Our children will become part of the process that is directed toward aiding all the children of the world. We are using that which is the dearest to us, our children, for dissemination purposes, as an example of proper upbringing.

This is the key to success: We are not only concerned with the well-being of our children, but the well-being of the entire world. This means that our primary objective is not in creating our own school, but in organizing virtual, model classes to serve as examples for shaping children into adults.

We will use this foundation to make educational video programs so children around the world could use them to study after school over the internet or through local television. Dynamic programs of different formats tailored to specific age groups will introduce us as a serious educational organization that really cares about education. We will provide the world with a systematic supply of educational programs in different languages. Naturally, we will do it without mentioning the wisdom of Kabbalah, but only using its global, integral approach to the revelation of the world.

This system does not conflict with the scholastic program; on the contrary, it shapes a child into an adult. Gradually, we will also introduce all the school subjects into our programs from the perspective of the global worldview of reality and our world.

We need to teach children to understand that their perception of the world is relative and show them that it is possible to feel and understand the world in a different way without becoming stuck on stubborn preconceived notions. When telling children about nature, we need to teach them about relative perception, arouse questions about themselves, bring them closer to reality, and open up the world before them.

The aforementioned are not groundless fantasies, but actual results that we already clearly observe on hundreds of our children over the past several years.
From the Talk on Education 10/1/10

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