A Psychological Barrier

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that there is just a psychological barrier standing in our way. What is it exactly?

Answer: We aren’t able to understand that bestowal, rather than reception, contains enormous, eternal pleasures, which we can’t even fathom. Suppose someone placed a cup full of poison in front of you and told you, “Drink it, die, and enjoy!” You cannot put these three things together. That is called a psychological barrier.

We have to remember that the second part of every action always belongs to the Creator. We are working on the desire and He carries it out. Like a child I say, “I want this.” And He gives it to me, again and again. That means we have to always demand the most important thing in life, knowing that we will receive it.
From the lesson on 10/17/10, “Arvut

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