A Paradox Of Giving

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person has to aspire to fulfill himself by pleasing others rather than by pleasing himself. I fulfill you, feel your desire and how it’s getting filled, and thus get pleased myself. I become filled by sensing your satisfaction, which is why I strive to please you as much as possible, like a mother who is happy because she fed her child.

A Paradox of Giving

I am not willing to fill myself directly, only through my neighbor. It is not about how much food my corporeal body has consumed; it’s about the fulfillment of my soul. My soul becomes happy when I satisfy others, when I fill the Creator. Then I become similar to Him since He enjoys delighting us. If we are incapable of accepting pleasure that emanates from Him, we make Him experience the affliction of Shechina.

The Creator feels pleasure from our fulfillment; all we can do is “allow” Him to delight us. We have to reach a state at which this is all we wish for.

This appears to be a paradox: How is it possible “to get fulfilled by giving”? And this is what love is for: to connect all of us together. If there is no love between us, we just cannot be pleased from bestowal. I have to sense my neighbor’s desires as more important than my own.

For a mother, her baby’s sensations are much more essential than her own. A mother feels her child’s pain from within. This is natural love. We have to attain the same type of love with the help of the Light by allowing it to correct us. As a result, we will have the same desire as the Creator and will attain spirituality.

Imagine that you have billions of babies and you are in possession of something that can fulfill them since you have access to a channel of unlimited Light. What bliss you will experience while sensing desires of other people and their fulfillment as your own! You will fulfill yourself 620 times stronger since you managed to build love above hatred.

By fulfilling them, you feel 620 “ounces” of joy instead of the 1 “ounce” that each of them received. I connect their souls to myself and sense them as if they are my own.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/10, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”

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