Who Is On The Other Side Of The Picture?

Dr. Michael LaitmanAfter all is said and done, the result we get from studying the science of Kabbalah comes from the Light that Reforms. It influences me, elucidating the whole picture of reality to me, and as a result I perceive the spiritual world as a picture that is presented in my desires.

My desires are a means of feeling, and in order to attune a person to the Light that Reforms, we study The Book of Zohar. During the study I search for a way to see the Giver through the picture that arises in me. I need to aspire to feel Him, the One who acts from within and forms the picture that I see. This picture stands between me and the Creator like a table filled with refreshments, but who is on the other side of me? Who is He, the One who forms this picture for me?

Therefore, everything that exists, this entire world and everything that I imagine while reading The Book of Zohar, becomes a means for me to reveal the Source. In that case I am really “studying the Torah.”

I demand the Light that Reforms, but why? It is in order to reveal the Source, the Creator, as it is written, “The purpose of the science of Kabbalah is to reveal the Creator to the creatures in this world.”

When we read Talmud Eser Sefirot, we also strive to reveal the Creator just like when we study The Zohar. We read about the same thing, but in a technical language rather than a literary one. In addition, we don’t read it through the heart, but through the mind. However, we do this with the same intention, which is to reveal the Creator.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/10, The Zohar

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