When The Creator Testifies

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe force of faith is illumination that expands from Above and is regarded as the Creator’s testament, as it is written: “The Creator will testify that he will no longer revert to egoism.” What does the Creator testify by? He testifies by His property, the simple Light. However, by expanding to us through the system of the worlds, the simple Light forms into the illumination of three lines and shines to us precisely in the middle line.

This gives me an opportunity to realize my evil (through comparing good, the right line, with the evil, the left line), to perform the analysis of “true/false” over “bitter/sweet,” to ascend in bestowal above the will to receive (what is called faith above reason), and build myself in the middle line by following the example of the Light (the Creator’s property of the middle line, His testament) expanding onto me.

I see what the Creator models for me, receive forces from Him, and build myself in similarity to Him. But all of this is possible while the Creator illuminates me, and I will never have the power of faith on my own. This is what is called the Creator’s testament.
From the Lesson on Rabash’s Article, 9/17/10

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  1. Why testing FAITH? since Faith is a gift from God

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