What Lies Beyond The Horizon?

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt first Nukva does not have a desire to receive the Light because it is just a point in relation to Zeir Anpin (it is behind Zeir Anpin’s chest). But then Nukva starts to grow and to receive the Light in order to build its desires (vessels, Kli). The Light comes from Zeir Anpin to Nukva, and thus Nukva builds itself up by virtue of its connection with Zeir Anpin.

They connect “back to back,” at which time Nukva goes through its formation, the formation of its screen or the forms of bestowal that Zeir Anpin teaches it. By adopting these forms, Nukva acquires more desire and force and is then able to become befitting and similar to Zeir Anpin. Nukva becomes Zeir Anpin‘s “wife,” and they (creation and the Creator) unite “face to face” where she receives fulfillment from Him.

However, creation can never become the Creator. It has to become similar and equal to Him! One thing cannot become another; it can only become similar to it. This is sufficient, and we don’t have a need for anything more!

We don’t know what will happen afterward, after the final correction, Gmar Tikkun. Right now it’s impossible for anyone to imagine this. Possibly, when we get there we will reveal completely new possibilities, similar to how a person in our world is now suddenly beginning to reveal the spiritual world, making this entire world of ours seem like a tiny grain of sand compared to the spiritual universe that is opening up before him.

That is how enormous the spiritual world appears to a person in his impressions, sensations, fulfillments, and attainments. It’s as if a person is born anew and perceives everything that happened to him in the past as nothingness. It’s even smaller than a drop of semen compared to a grown-up person because that drop belongs to the same material world and it already contains all of the information about the future person; all it has to do is develop. In contrast, something completely new is born in the spiritual world. The spiritual world means a new perception of reality where instead of perceiving egoistically, inside oneself, a person comes out of himself and perceives on the outside.

Perhaps after the end of correction, we will break through to another dimension, which we cannot imagine right now in any way. We can’t even imagine the spiritual world even though we have all kinds of tools to perceive it, including the Torah, religion, and Kabbalistic texts. However, there is absolutely no evidence of what will happen after the end of correction. Kabbalists do not say even one word to give us a hint about this. They only tell us about the path of correction, but no one talks about what will happen after we become equal to the Creator.

The Zohar strictly confines our research to just the matter and the form clothed in matter. We cannot ask about the abstract form and the essence because we do not have the instruments with which to research them in order to receive the answer.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/14/10, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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