The Pyramid Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs we rise from the point of this world (the lowest point where the sensation of spirituality fades) to the uppermost point of the World of Infinity (where everything is corrected and revealed), we all go through the same stages. However, everyone goes through them according to the root of his or her soul or “according to their taste.”

In our world, we all feel one common world with the same senses. However, our qualities exist in a unique combination in every single person. Therefore, the picture of the world that arises in each person is also completely unique. It depends on the individual combination of his qualities that come from the root of his soul.

Nevertheless, we all climb the same rungs of the same spiritual ladder. Thus, there is one science for all concerning the revelation of a higher life: the science of Kabbalah. It explains to each person how he has to advance.

Everything we read about in The Zohar concerns our advanced states which everyone will have to go through. To the extent that we desire to feel them, we draw the force (the Light or Ohr Makif) from these degrees, and it develops us. As much as we exert our “baby” effort, we grow, develop, and ascend.

It is essential for us to rouse the influence of our advanced states upon us. Therefore, the second and much more important aspect in our approach to reading The Book of Zohar is to understand that ascent implies unification. We climb a “pyramid” or a “cone” to the extent that we unite in our points in the heart.

Therefore, all 125 degrees of the ladder from our world to complete perfection are 125 degrees of unification of desires until they merge completely in the quality of absolute bestowal. This means that the more we unite, the higher we rise, and to the extent that we connect, the quality of bestowal (the Creator) is revealed between us. As much as we are able to unite, we reveal the measure of unification between us, and this determines the measure of revelation of the quality of bestowal or the Creator.

Therefore, when we read The Book of Zohar, we wish to be in this state, and we await its manifestation within us and between us.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/12/10, The Zohar

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