The Fine Details Of A Spiritual Breakfast

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How was Rabash able to describe the states that a person goes through?

Answer: This is the path of every soul. It’s just that the soul of Rabash was granted the ability to write about this.

In the past, souls went through the same states and attained even higher levels. In the Torah, Moses described the entire path with all of its details, you just don’t see them.

Then Rabash came and brought the explanations to a lower level, expressing them in a language we understand – the language of feelings. Baal HaSulam also describes the same states, but using the language of Light and desire, two forces.

The human body reacts to different substances. One of them makes me excited, another calms me down, and yet another makes me feel happy. Here, too, we are talking about spiritual components that awaken you. First and foremost, it is feelings, which are then ordered, measured, and systematized according to the laws of interaction between the Lights and vessels.

Rabash writes about the things present in spiritual life, similar to how you would describe your breakfast: half a tomato, a quarter of a cucumber, bread, cheese, butter, coffee with sugar, and so on. When people hear about this, they feel the same thing you felt.

The difference is that the spiritual description is experienced much more deeply and in more detail: exactly what kind of cheese, what kind of milk was it produced from, what kind of cow did it come from, who made it, who sold it, what kind of knife was used to cut it, what kind of knife was used to spread it onto the bread, and so on. You understand all of this.

But most importantly, inside all of this, you reveal the importance of the Giver. All of these components help you to attain Him. This is the revelation of the Creator to creation.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/10, “The Greatness of a Person Depends on His Faith in the Future”

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