Preserving The Spirit Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are the signs of a good connection between friends?

Answer: The spirit of life between them, elation and inspiration regardless of the current states all point to a good connection between friends. The Light performs various actions on us, disclosing hatred, separation, and the breaking between us. It then corrects us. Then it reveals the breaking again and corrects again, and this continues until we become completely corrected.

We understand that we go through various states on this path; some of them are more pleasant or understandable than others. We always justify them since they come from the One who is good and does good, and there is none else besides Him. We just try to maintain the unity and keep up the general spirit: our spirit of life.

This is, in fact, the desired state. All 125 spiritual degrees are situated precisely here, in maintaining the connection and the spirit of life above the ascents and descents. When separation or unity are revealed between souls, you reveal the whole story of the Torah, which you have to go through yourself.

You reveal the evil inclination there: Egypt, exile, and their cause, the whole depth of the evil that arose from the breaking, and the order of corrections. You reveal the actions that lead to unity there, the “patriarchs” and the “sons.” You discover the souls, meaning our parts which are interconnected to some degree. You reveal the whole history that you read about in the form of processes that you are going through. You identify yourself with every soul and reveal its path of correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/26/10, “They Helped Everyone His Friend”

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