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Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything originates from the Upper Force. All this confusion of “I” and “the world” is driven by a single force of “There is none else beside Him,” and everything happens in order to bring me to its revelation.

The phrase “There is none else beside Him” bears a warning that everything that happens to us is caused by a single force. Every given moment “twists” us around so that we begin to unveil this force, whether it happens in a good way or not.

Good and evil are relative. It is feasible that sometimes He distances us from Himself through successes and draws us closer to Him through afflictions. However, if we recognize that everything comes from Him, then anything in this life becomes a method of connecting with Him.

There is me and the world around me which is, in fact, a demonstration of the Creator’s attitude to me. I have to reveal Him by using this world and initiating a dialogue with Him. However, before I begin to understand Him, He will continue influencing me from the “outside.” He speaks with me in the language of bestowal, but I am still “inside.” and so far, I can only speak the language of receiving.

I am tied up within my ego. Even though the world around me represents the Light, I have no clue about it and continue to accept it in the way my egoism prompts me. If I manage to change myself, I’ll realize that this world is the World of Infinity. Everything depends on the observer (see Baal HaSulam’s article, “The Creator’s Concealment and Revelation”).

I view a terrible world around me because I am terrible, yet if I transform myself, I’ll see that it is perfect and eternal. Many Kabbalists who succeeded in correcting their perception by altering their receiving qualities into bestowal tell us about it.

I cannot properly treat this world the way it appears to me because I see it through my false properties. At the same time, I can change my properties and attain bestowal beyond my ego. Then, I’ll see everything in a different way. The world will look different through new properties that I will eventually obtain.

This is called a “new perception of reality.” The world is not a permanent picture; all depends on the observer. It is said that everybody evaluates the world to the degree of their own faults. This world simply serves as a “wrapping” around the real world, although it is all that I can sense at this moment. Later on, I will discover that it is a space full of bestowal and love, and I’ll view them as clearly as I presently see the current “reality.”

All I have to do is to change my receiving properties into bestowing. Thus, I will perceive the “next world.” How do I do this? For that purpose, we have the teacher, the group, and the books.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/10, Baal HaSulam, Letter 51

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