Building The State Of Kabbalah

Dr. Michael LaitmanA letter I received: We now witness the emergence of a new social structure of online communities. A virtual reality is being built which, for the time being, lacks any rules or ideology. I think that our method is most appropriate particularly for these online communities and not for the real world since the latter is terribly inertial and filled with a myriad of different ideologies. Meanwhile, in the virtual world, changes are taking place every few days rather than every few decades.

Surely, it is not a spiritual world, but it is no longer a material world either. It is a new playground for the human mind where it can play out different scenarios which could only be checked in the physical reality over decades or centuries.

In Israel, it is possible to work like in the old days, creating a physical infrastructure, and we see over the last few months that it works wonderfully. However, in all the other parts of the world, you won’t be allowed in anywhere. All spots have been taken both in the physical world as well as in its ideological structure. Changes will occur only under the influence of cataclysms.

While a “material” person will not even listen to you, a “spiritual” person will grasp the essence of Kabbalah immediately. A person that exists in these virtual worlds will tell you: “If your game is interesting, let’s play. Why not?” I see this as the only chance for us to change something in the external world.

My Comment: I agree with you about almost everything. We are trying to accomplish this with our Stimulator: to create a new social unification, the one and only State of Kabbalah in the world. The constitution is “love your neighbor” according to the law of the Upper Force of Nature. All the laws, rules of behavior, relationships, and decisions are based only on the laws of the nature of bestowal. Baal HaSulam writes about this in the article “The Last Generation.”

Teenagers perceive online communities as their family. They reject live communication in favor of virtual communication. Online communities are becoming strong psychological points of reference for users.

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