Absolute Faith

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Article 37, 1984/85 "Who Testifies For Man":  In the degree that a man stepped out of self love he may be rewarded with absolute faith.

Question: What is absolute faith?

Answer: This passage talks about a very high spiritual degree or the process of building the middle line. After the preparation period, we arrive at the state of partial faith (Hafetz Hesed). During this stage, I focus solely on rising above a constantly growing mountain of egoistic desire. Time after time, ascending over it, I turn the transgressions and mistakes of the previous step into the mistakes and merits, accordingly. In doing so, I become an incomplete righteous.

Absolute Faith
Afterward, I ascend to the degree of love and turn everything into merits. This is what we call absolute or perfect faith, which is divided into degrees as well. “Faith” is the Light of Hassadim, which expands into the Kli, and “perfect faith” is Hassadim with the illumination of Hochma. Perfection is attained solely due to the Light of Hochma when it is able to fill the Light of Hassadim.

At this stage, I work in two lines and realize the third line by receiving for bestowal. When I fill the will to receive and the will to bestow, the perfect faith emerges in me: Hochma in Hassadim.

Absolute Faith2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/21/10, “Who Testifies for Man”

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