A Guide To The Book Of Zohar: A Lego Toy For All Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanExcerpts from my upcoming book, A Guide to The Book of Zohar

The connection between us can be likened to a picture that has not only been torn or broken into little pieces, but then incorrectly reassembled. If there were no connection between us at all, that wouldn’t be so bad, but the breaking has created a negative, egoistic connection. What is the reason for this? This negative connection between all parts of nature is “help against us” as it enables us to discover the Creator’s nature from outside of Him.

Without this negative connection between us, we would not be able to discover that the type of connection between us determines everything, and that it is the cause of all good and evil in the world. If this connection were good, we would not be able to attain the Creator for we would be inside of Him. And if there were no connection between us at all, we would not be able to reveal the reason for the evil in our lives.

By revealing that the connection between us is evil and is the cause of our suffering, we can transform it into good. So much so that, with the help of suffering that pushes us forward, we reach the Creator. Then we realize that otherwise we could not have reached Him.

Similar things sometimes take place in our life: There arises a situation which brings us closer with others. Before, there was no close bond between us; we were distant to one another although considerate and respectful. However, for some reason, we suddenly ended up together, bound by a common cause or problem.

We were brought close together, and now we begin to discover how different we are and how we clash with one another. That is when the evil becomes revealed between us. The evil has always existed, but wasn’t revealed until now.

When we discover that the connection between us is evil, we typically try to distance from one another. However, if external conditions don’t allow for this, then we have no choice but to correct the relationships between us.

Is this not reminiscent of the state of humanity in our days? In the past, the connections between the nations were weak, and every nation was connected to only a small number of other nations. There was no real connection between us, and that is why the evil was not revealed.

However, with time, human society has become global, and everybody has been bound to and is affecting everybody else. We have nowhere to run from each other, so the hatred between us is being revealed. Yet, the same hatred will force us to correct the relationships between us.

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