You Have A Part Of The World To Come

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt the recent Mega-Congress we received sparks of Bina. We were filled by the sensation of bestowal, common unification, and society. Now we don’t have any of this, but the need for it or an empty desire has remained. It causes us to suffer, and our task is to immediately restore our connection with others, draw the Light, act together with everyone, and build a whole mechanism for accomplishing this.

All of this is a sensation of my first spiritual desire! For the first time ever I have received a spiritual vessel. Previously I only had animate and “universal” desires, but now I have received the emptiness of Bina – a sensation of the neighbor which is completely built on bestowal. I felt that there is someone else besides me in the world, and not just an object for me to use! This feeling came to me from Bina.

“The desire to enjoy” doesn’t feel this. A lion that wishes to have a deer for dinner does not relate to the deer as an individual. It just sees a hundred pounds of meat before him and needs this meat in order to survive. It sees everything that moves in front of it from this point of view, but it has no personal relationship with his surroundings and does not wish to inflict harm on anyone.

However, Bina, which is situated in us, is a part of the Upper One. It is the Creator’s quality and it reveals our inner relationship to “people.” During a Convention such as the Mega-Congress I acquire this attitude to the neighbor; I realize his importance and receive pleasure or fulfillment through him.

When the Convention is over, I feel unwell. This is not because my desire simply grew, but the feeling is now coming from a different field altogether, from the spiritual dimension. It is a part of the world to come! Therefore, it can be filled only from there with the help of the group, the studies, and other common, mutual actions.

This is the remedy called “proceeding by the path of the Light.” It is when we build a desire inside us on our own and take care of its fulfillment ahead of time. Then we advance like an old man who walks hunched over and searches for something ahead of time, as through he has lost something.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/16/10, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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  1. So we are building a taste for bestowal?

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