The Spiritual GPS

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When I was driving back from the Convention at Beer Sheba, I was looking at my GPS as it was guiding me and warning me about hidden cameras on the intersections. I thought, why is it that there is no navigation system like this in the spiritual world which would predict our path for us? Instead, we need to rely only on Kabbalists’ instructions and the prophets’ warnings.

Answer: There is no navigation system like this in the spiritual world. This is because in your world, you are always “traveling” in the same egoistic desire, which is sometimes larger and sometimes smaller. That is why you are able to make certain assumptions about the future as well as to rely on the experiences of others. People even create tools for you which show you the way and are able to spell out the entire process and every step of the path for you. This enables you to see ahead of time what it means to become big and grownup just like they would spell it out for a child who wants to grow up and become a pilot.

However, in spiritual development we go through states where we are unable to predict and imagine things ahead of time. This is why there cannot be a navigation system of any kind there. It is because we do not see the next image ahead of time and we lack the instruments of perception to see these images. Instead, we are shown an undesired, opposite image. If you can understand that your lack of desire to connect with others is the future form that you need to turn into its opposite, this would serve you as a spiritual GPS. It exists, but it shows us the opposite image, one that is unpleasant to our ego, the desire to receive pleasure.

From that point on, everything depends on the way you will accept all these states. However, when you encounter something like this, you usually turn around and go back, thinking that the goal is there. You think, “The spiritual goal is not very easy or pleasant. Why should I go there? It would be best if I roll it back a little.” As soon as you turn aside, you immediately acquire the GPS of all the tools of this world such as everyone’s support, the benefit of social opinion, and everything else. This is how people get themselves into trouble.

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From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/3/10, ”Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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