Answers To Your Questions, Part 6

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the Purpose of Creation?
Questions on the post
"Kabbalists On The Purpose Of Creation,” Part 4

Question: Why is this process stretched through multiple lifetimes? Why do we have to start over every time?

My Answer: Every time you continue your path starting from a new level of egoism. Due to this, there is generational growth.

Question: If the omnipotent force of nature created all that is in such perfection (based on observation of life), is it really necessary to expedite spiritual evolution? It stands to reason that no matter what we do trying to speed up or slow down the process, everything will still be as it is supposed to be. Or is what we are trying to do right now an illusion, which is also part of the Creator’s plan?

My Answer: Our actions determine the way and speed of our development.

Question: Do I have freedom of will at the level that I presently exist? Or, after I have ascended one degree, am I free at the lower degree but not at the higher one, until I ascend to even higher degree?

My answer: Absolutely right, you will be free because you will naturally act in accordance with the acquired new nature, new qualities.

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