Why Is It So Important For A Woman To Be Beautiful?

Laitman_183_04A question I received: Why do women devote so much time to their appearance? Why is it so important for a woman to be beautiful in her own eyes and in the eyes of a man? Does this phenomenon have a spiritual root?

My Answer: A woman’s desire to dress up and beautify herself stems from the Upper root. “To beautify” means “to correct oneself” and to attain similarity with the Creator, the power of love and bestowal.

This aspiration finds its root in the depth of the soul. Our “point in the heart” forces us to beautify ourselves and decorate our “disgusting” egoistic nature. To be beautiful means to be similar to the Creator. A person becomes handsome when the Light of the Creator illuminates him.

Why particularly do women beautify themselves? It is because in our world women symbolize Malchut, the root of creation. A man and a woman, a bride and a groom serve as an illustration of the relationship between the Creator and the creation. The creation is a woman, the Creator is a man.

Thus it follows that each of us (both men and women) have to beautify their souls and become good-looking!

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  1. thank you my friend for your care it is a fun job HE assing to us but with the help of all the KLI we will be home before time for the sake of GOD ALMIGHTY easy with joy!

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