Uniting In The Middle

Dr. Michael Laitman Our entire difficulty lies in the fact that we exist in a world of matter, and from this we need to reveal the spiritual world. In order to reveal it, we need to come prepared with a desire, a vessel which already consists of the two lines together so that they can be united into a middle line, for it is precisely the middle line that expresses our extent of similarity to the Light.

Without the two lines, the left and the right, it is impossible to unite them together in harmony and to build a quality of the Light between them. Neither the right nor the left line has the quality of the Light – it should come from me, so that “darkness would shine like the Light” – the will to receive should become similar to the Light!

Therefore, even “self-rejection,” when I enter the state of a spiritual embryo, the smallest spiritual degree, already occurs in connection of these two lines, which affect me in harmony and connection between them.

Never on our spiritual path will we be able to feel the Creator anywhere else but in the middle line. I am thrown into other states, but in that case I tear away from the Creator. I can feel Him only if I am situated in the middle line, by forming it in me. This is like balancing the vertical needle of a scale. A “scale” (Moznaim) comes from the word “ear” (Awzen), hearing, Bina.

I must be on this vertical, middle line – only there do I feel Him. This is the line of Zeir Anpin, the Creator. And if I shift even slightly to the side, He vanishes!

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/10, The Zohar

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