The Zohar Sheds Light On The Connection Between Souls

Laitman_729_02The Zohar tells us about the connection among souls. From the Creator’s perspective, all the souls form a single system in the World of Infinity, where infinite Light fills everyone. This can be likened to a perfect, healthy organism, all the parts of which exist in harmony and proper interaction. On the other hand, The Zohar describes this system in respect to its parts called souls or people.

There are some who feel the souls and the connection among them. There are also others who do no feel it and perceive this system in its external form. They see it as consisting of our corporeal, animal bodies of this world that are somehow connected with each other.

The whole Torah describes only the types of the connection between us. The question is only how a person perceives it. We either feel the connection in the external form, as this constantly changing world that is moving toward some goal. Or we permeate within and, using this world as the basis, begin to feel the connection between us in the souls. Then we feel these two forms simultaneously.

The concepts of “world,” “year,” “soul,” and “procurement of reality” are forms of connection among us both on the material and the spiritual levels. All the concepts that exist in our world can be found in spirituality as well. However, in the latter they point to the form, the force, or the type of connection among us. This is precisely what we need to achieve.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/16/10, The Zohar

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  1. I see our souls simular to an ant colony with everyone moving and working together for a great purpose and that purpose is to do GOD’s will. We might be doing something different but in unisome. Not only human souls but other souls as well. When I say other souls I mean animals, birds, etc. What is below so is above. All souls full of life, light and happiness, none trying to destroy each other as hear on earth.

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