The Need For The Kabbalah TV Channel

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From Mr. Mordechai (Moti) Shklar, CEO, Israel Broadcasting Authority, stated during his speech at the Sammy Ofer Communications School, IDC, Israel [summary]: We turned into a society which destroys any values, a society of individuals alienated by society, where individuality stands in the center and there is no place for collective values.

Commercial TV educates the society on low naked emotions, and such a society has no future, no right for existence. Today we already feel an opposite reaction: an increasing number of people are looking for meaning in their lives, and along with entertainment programs, want to see TV channels with meaningful charge.

We need an alternative channel to commercial TV. Possibly, the content of such shows won’t suit the young audience, but it will fit mature people over 40. In this way, we first have to conquer the audience above 40 and ultimately, young people will also start searching for alternatives.

My Comment: Mr. Shklar apparently is unaware of Channel 66, our Kabbalah TV channel in Israel. Otherwise, he would replace the Israel TV Channel 1 with it!

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